Spring Is Here, Must Be Time For New Chicks!


This has been one of the weirdest winters in Colorado that I remember. It snowed twice this winter, well, almost two and a half times including last weeks “storm” that lead to cold rain and no flakes here at the homestead (we were due for 7″ of snow).

As I was tending to the some yard work today after breakfast with the family, K was out running errands that included picking up chicken feed for our three Barred Plymouth Rock hens that have been featured before. As some of you may realize, spring is also baby chick season at feeds stores. I received a phone call from K just as I had wrapped up cleaning out the chicken coop and run. She had stumbled upon some great looking white Plymouth Rock chicks and decided we were getting three of them. Now in all fairness, I am never upset to see more animals living with us, and when I designed and built our new coop last year I had purposely decided to build it big enough that it could comfortably house at least six hens total in the future. We had discussed adding more birds this year, but figured since we have a hard time using the eggs we already get every week that it was not necessary, but come on, who says no to more chickens?

I had saved a bunch of material from the coop build so had lots of scrape wood around and a few tools to build a brooder on the quick. About 15 minutes later, we had our new brooder built and ready just as K was pulling back into the driveway. Perfect timing and zero added cost to replace the brooder. We had used one two years ago on the Barred chicks that I made out of an old plastic tub. At some point over the last two years it had fallen off of a shelf in the garage and was cracked so we needed a new one anyway.

It was a lot of fun to throw this together and prep our spare bedroom to house chicks again. When we set out on this adventure to create our urban tiny homestead we always knew that this would be a part of the process. We already had three healthy, great and frequent layers, but I have little doubt that we won’t have a hard time spreading around the extra eggs to friends, family and neighbors. We are really excited to be able to add to our flock and to get to enjoy the peeps, the smells, and the stress of watching three little girls grow out into feathered pullets as we anxiously await the first eggs from these new girls.

I am going to try and be a bit more active on keeping people up to date on our progress and goings on, stay tuned for a few new projects and other things we have been working on this past winter. As always, any questions, comments or other ramblings are always welcome. Feel free to reach out to us, we love hearing from other people that share our interests.

A&K, AK Urban Homestead


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