There is a buzz in the air….

There is a buzz in the air….

The bees have arrived! We have been patiently waiting since November 2015 (when we bought our hive) for our new friends to arrive. Yesterday, we picked up our nuc (nucleus hive) from a local beekeeping supplier. A nuc, or nucleus hive is a small hive consisting of 5 frames with bees, honey, pollen, eggs, larvae and capped brood. We decided on the nuc over a “package” because it is already an established, albeit small colony. All the bees in the nuc are related to the queen in the nuc. This makes transferring the colony into the permanent hive much simpler since we don’t need to worry about the queen being rejected (killed) by the bees which is always possible in a package.


The top of the nuc after prying the lid off. We can see bees, wax, and the 5 fives frames described earlier.


We let the nuc settle with the entrance screen removed so that the scout bees could leave the nuc and get orientated to their new surroundings. After a few hours they seemed calm and the weather did not look like it would be favorable for the transfer for much longer. We went ahead and moved each frame over to the permanent hive, one at a time, making sure to keep them in the same order and making sure to move slowly and deliberately as to not crush or harm many bees, but most importantly, the queen.

The above photos show the nuc sitting on the hive for orientation flights. As well as examining frames before transferring them into the permanent hive.

We have been preparing for the bees since November. Slowly buying the needed equipment. Building a new wall to create a bee fence and entrance to the apiary. After lots of study, expense, and excitement, we are really happy to officially bee actual beekeepers! We hope to see improvements in our gardens this year with the addition of several thousand pollinators roaming our yard. The honey this summer wont hurt either!

Even if beekeeping is not something you are interested in, it’s important that we all do what we can to protect these vital creatures. Even planting appropriate flowers and garden items for pollinators in your own yard can make a difference.






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