Spring has sprung!

As we continue the battle against wet and cold weather, it’s time to start planting. We have some starters that are outgrowing the indoor greenhouse so it’s time to turn the soil. What better way to do so than with free (almost) labor?


The girls cruised around for about an hour in this raised bed and had a blast. They turned everything over about 5-6 inches deep and fed on lots of weeds and insects. We want to be careful about the amount of waste they leave in the garden on the field trips. Chicken manure is extremely valuable as a fertilizer, but when its fresh it can be harmful. Chicken poop is very high in nitrogen and can burn plants if it has not been cured (aged) before use. We keep two large trash cans near the runs, as soon as one has filled up, we let it age for as long as we can, turning it once a week while filling the other. As soon as it is empty, or the other one is full, we switch.

Dinosaur parade!


I’m sure we get some weird looks from the neighbors as the ladies follow along behind us in the yard looking for their next meal.





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