A bit of background

Upon returning to Colorado in 2015, we decided to make an effort to provide for ourselves in as many ways as possible. We have always kept a garden when living conditions allowed. We shop local, read labels and make informed decisions about what we purchase. We wanted to see how much we could produce on our own with limited space in an urban setting. We have a 1/4 acre yard that has become our hobby farm.

It all started here…..


We raised three Barred Rock hens from a local feed store. To our surprise, hand raising chicks was time consuming, earned us some weird looks from friends and family, and was ultimately a lot more fun than we had anticipated. Funny little creatures.

They eventually grew out to be too big for the brooder, but too small to be alright alone outside. After finding a deal on a previously loved coop, it was time to start a coop remodel and move the little dinosaurs outside.

After what seemed like months……

It finally happened! All of our hard work, time, feed costs etc, lead to our first egg. It was tiny, dirty, and made a delicious breakfast.

So here we are. We are now getting over a dozen eggs a week between the three girls.chickens are cheap. Hatchlings can be found for under $4 a bird. It costs us about around $13 a month in feed, the coop is paid for, minimal energy costs for a heated waterer in the winter. We end up giving a lot of eggs away to friends and family. We also compost and age chicken manure which we use as fertilizer and mulch for the gardens. It has ultimately been a rewarding experience and just one step in being able to provide for ourselves and others. Next step, bees!

Thanks for reading,




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